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Editions on metals, cushions, scarves & more

We are very pleased and proud of presenting a large but non-exhaustive range of reproduced works of art and derivative products from the artist VanLuc’s creations, designed for your home indoor our outdoor layout. All this specific visuals are created in parallel of original works of art, and with this particular issues of a more accessible display and limited edition commercialisation.

Sahra Valette, VanLuc’s daughter and agent, manages this development with partners of the world over, but above all with local connections here in Normandy, and makes always the choice of in the first place THE QUALITY, in the second hand THE CREATIVITY ! Please ask her for more information.

Sahra Denis,, +33 (0)6 28 69 78 20.

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Vache de® Design

Nowadays it’s important for an artist to communicate and to delivery a message to all publics, from all ages, from all countries and all socio-professional categories.

We have, with this ambition, develop a very large range of derivative products.
These collections of bags, cushions, placemats, post- cards, posters, notebooks, candles, socks, marble candle-holders and paperweights, scarves, dish towels, trinket bowls, mugs, a collection of necklaces, rings, earrings from an Anvers Jewelry store, should easily complete a VanLuc’s exhibition or may be single displayed into Museums, Hôtel, Design and Decoration’s shops.

Obviously without forgetting our flagship product made in Normandy : plenty of creations «Vache de®» edited on metal, as a little jewell of frame ready-to-set-up at home, available in all formats from 15x15cm to 120x120cm and which could be tailor-designed for YOUR SHOP.

We have been developing them for 10 years and it participates to our family success.

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