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Digital Art, digital creations on plexiglas

Vache de® VanLuc

All these digital works of art, created on a state-of-the-art Wacom© tablet, are a new artistic way of creation for VanLuc. His technical innovation is to integrate his own high definition photos on the white screen (from special journeys all around the world Cuba, California, Viet-Nam, Italy, Spain but also from France, Paris and Normandy Landing Beaches) and to « paint » and to put very bright and glow colors around - thanks to new digital tools.

Each work of art is then printed on Plexiglas© format 100x100cm in unique two editions, and delivered with both the high definition jpeg file and the authenticity certificate.

This artistic and technical innovation allows him to create an important collection dedicated to a certain place or thematic, for art galleries all over the world.





























« Art is perceptible apparition of the idea » Hegel

« I use digital technology to develop a new creative process and limitless. My gloved fingers slide on the big format digital tablet, and equipped with a state-of-the-art stylet I let me surprise by the easy to use and my imaginative mind makes the rest. Once the creation realised, the printing on Plexiglas© is a specialist stuff and the result is lighting, as high as my creative ambitions were.
A unique edition is made, with for the buyer, the high definition Jpeg file which he is, by a certain way, the owner.
But I am for all that « a digital artist » ?

The final representation is not more than a sophisticated illustration to be sure, but stays static and close to a classic painting reproduction with an irreproachable clearness and equalness ink quality however.
It’s a new way and I very much hope so to follow it.
The evolution of my work would perhaps allows me to see all the creation steps coming alive and fixing on the wall, not yet a rigid work of art but for true an alive personal creation, and in perpetual moving if we desire it. The digital art logic continued is that for sure : to enter into an own virtual universe and flatter the eye of the collector or simple lovers of fine art.

Human mind is always looking for visual adventures.
I design increasing a life place and participating to make the daily life better, will the digital art participate soon to sublimate interiors, entering into well-seing art, art of moving pixels ?
In any case innovation takes place in my workshop where I mix easily now my texts, photos and my own paintings to imagine a new generation of creations, which I hope, will be as pertinent as my classic works of art.

it’s your turn to update me. »

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