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A French Family’ Story


Born in 1959 in Brittany, from a vietnamien father, an artist, and a mother who owned an art gallery in Paris, it’s quite naturally that 40 years later, the artist VanLuc started a new life in family, an artistic adventure - after a first career in Communication. With his wife, the artist Decaroline, they decided to built themselves in Normandy in Arromanches les Bains, Landing beaches, fief of his in-law family for 3 generations.

Into this city of memory, they breathed life into a dynamic impetus of creation throughout their three areas of expression and the different artistic events and street-art shows that they had organized, inviting the best talents of the moment.

For 20 years they have been concentrating on the master of their art and on the confrontation with an increasing public.

In their turn now to travel and to offer their creations to worldwide art galleries, counting on the kindness and professionalism of their children who will organize this international development, and on the candor and love of their grand children, such as motors of creativity today and why not at the heart of the artistic performance tomorrow ?

An artistic approach around cows

and the birth of the concept "Vache de®".

The cow has always been at the center of his work of art. Why ?

VanLuc’s artistic life is a surprise around the cow. He built his universe around this animal before discovering the real meaning of the letter A.


Why is the first letter of the alphabet a cow head on the sand ?

5000 years ago, in the South of Egypt, the phonogram A was represented by a cow head and also means « cow » in Hebrew - actually it was at the basis a simple triangle in reverse, making a reference to the Hator temple. 


VanLuc uses this construction of language so that his paintings are not just paintings but an idea of communication between people because the cow is the representation of the vowel A and is at the origin of the language.

His « holly smart cow » has a visual and intellectual impact - it’s very important for VanLuc and he always has all this symbolics in mind when he creates.


Permanent exhibitions


Last year, VanLuc has inaugurated his own private art gallery in Arromanches les Bains with a workshop, an area of 500 square meters dedicated to digital art, paintings, metal cows and derivative products. A gallery opened to collectors, institutionnels, schools and companies.

Atelier-galerie VanLuc, 1 place Peter Thompson, Arromanches les Bains, France


In 2018, one of our customers opened a Cow Working Gallery in Bruxelles, an art gallery based on the concept "Vache de®", also opened to other artists with an area of co-working.

 Cow Working Gallery, 200 avenue de Mai, Bruxelles, Belgique







International shows & galleries


Woussen Art Gallery, Zeedijk 701, Knokke, Belgique - 2020

« La Grande Expo, 959m2 », Eglise Saint-Nicolas, Coutances, France - 2016

Arte 29 di Fabio Monteleone, Bergamo, Italy - 2015

Plum Goods, creation on-site and exhibition, Santa Barbara, Californie, USA - 2013

Outdoor artistic performance, Le Manoir du Tourp, Omonville la Rogue, France - 2012

Happening in Deauville, outdoor exhibition, France - 2011

« From Warhol to VanLuc », exhibition and workshops, Le Musée en Herbe, Paris, France - 2009

President of the Cow Parade® in Paris, original artwork with the players of Rolland Garros© - 2006




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