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Metal Cows, raw cutting steel

"Rusty style", monochrome, or entirely painted as a painting



This his is neither sculpture nor modeling, but more precisely bending.

The bending of a sheet of metal to give birth to a 3-dimensional form. This technical accomplishment is achieved with laser cutting. My choice was to devote one side to the cow’s head, which was slightly bowed and turned towards the body, once made it looks « alive ».


It bears the name « VAVA ». I perfected its design, in particularly by drawing the horns and the hooves with crisper lines, more faithful to my graphic creations.


Thanks to the success of this design, I event went as far as creating my « mini VAVAs ». They sit in the palm of the hand and immediately appealed to my public. From that moment on, all doors seemed to be opened to me, all metals became possible - galvanized steel, untreated steel, aluminium, etc…


My cows of metal are signed in the steel and carry a unique name (for the highest). The largest works measure180cm at the bending point and weight 80kg.


A technological and artistic savoir-faire made in Normandy.


























« Vache de® Volume »

"To give body to my graphical concept, 3-dimensional was a compulsory way to achieve the artistic process. My "Cow of® Metal » don’t move from the rules and are quite alive sculptural expressions of my paintings.

The evolutions of my drawings drove me regularly to fix into the volume the different steps of such a unique shape development. 

My « VaVa » became, with time, curiosities, such an entirely brand. This rigid form is however always evolving, I’m surprised myself. Today the collectors, the art lovers, the public is surprised too and ask me «why this six legs cow? ». It’s just in the order of things I suppose.
Everything just « questions » finally and the volume is a first seeing answer to our transparent imaginary. " 

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