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VanLuc + schools

From kindergarten to the last year of high school, passing by primary schools and junior high schools, VanLuc makes interventions in schools and organize artistic activities inside or outside the school area with school teachers. It’s a real educational project !

This creative time which always starts by a playful introduction which give the children the occasion to express themselves through the concept « Vache de », being an individual drawing or a project in common or also the realization of a fresco on the walls of the school… They are always very nice moments of exchange and communication with children, moments of shares and laughs of course.

He leaves at the teachers’ disposal all documents they need (free downloading). It allows them to prepare VanLuc’s intervention in the best way with for example educational tools and programs and also coloring posters in order that the children can start to understand and to get to grips with the VanLuc’s artistic concept.

By this way, VanLuc is available to organize any project abroad.

Download and use for free this drawing with our pupils and children, a work to talk with them about COVID-19.

vache de covid.jpeg
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