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Paintings, acrylic on linen canvas
Vache de® VanLuc

All the works of art presented in this website were realised by the french artist VanLuc, located in Normandy Landing Beaches, between 2015 et 2020. His new workshop in Arromanches les Bains allows him to develop bigger formats and to create special new important collections dedicated to art galleries all over the world. Each collection is constituted both by figurative cows and their «evolutions» that is to say their conceptual representations made of triangles, circles and other geometric forms only - very important symbols used by VanLuc since he has been painting, and also sometimes mixed with characters or landscapes.

These paintings are created with acrylic and mixed technic (China ink, aerosol, resina, etc...) on linen canvas and could be framed with Plexiglas© before delivery.






















Does it always looks like a cow ?

Here I am confronted once more with myself, over one question « What do I do with this cow ? ».

It will eventually find its own place, will blend into the whole on the canvas.

That habitual rigidity of my lines is a decisive graphic choice, mainly composed of triangles and circles, that affirms visual coherence. But I have also explored the idea of introducing a curve in order to give a new slant to my artistic expression.

This new line will coincide with the sensuality of created form and will create complicity between the lines, a new dimension in my work.
If this painting is a part of me, I wonder whether the public will accept it.

« I am interested in the future because that’s where I decided to spend the rest of my days. »
Woody Allen

Two options are now opened to me. The first involves remaining faithful to my original image, not taking any risks... The second implies embarking on a new pictorial adventure.
Why not with you ?

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