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Summer 2021 exhibition Japan Normandy

photo vanluclunettes.jpeg

"Je m'incline les yeux ouverts vers vous pour saluer votre présence ici en ces temps suspendus." VanLuc


Summer 2020 exhibition Normandy Miami

Affiche Normandy Miami 1.jpg
Affiche Normandy Miami 2.jpg

Vache de Miami !

Holy Miami Cow !

Artistic projects developed for the City of Miami, Art Basel Miami South Beach 2021,

and all United States Art Galleries interested in VanLuc artworks.

Applying fort Art Basel Miami South Beach 2021, the French Artist VanLuc focused his creative approach, on all the historic, artistic, architectural monuments - well-known or completely unknown from the international public and why not even by local people ?

We are looking for an exhibition in an art gallery or pop up gallery too, located into the city of Miami, but more generally we would like to organize events, artistic happenings and exhibitions in every cities of United States, developing also decorative collections or derivative products for Design retailers or Museum, hotels' shops...

With the help of The Region Normandy, CCI Team France Export, Normandie Attractivité Agency, CIC and BPI.

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